Study Club


28 September 2022

Wednesday EVENING
3 Hours (6:00 pm)

Doctors and Hygienists

Katrina Sanders
Dental Winegenist
“Getting Them to A.S.K. for treatment” and Wine Pairing
Venue: The HEIST – 723 Central Ave

27 October 2022

Thursday Evening
3 Hours (6:00 pm)

Doctors & Hygienists

Dr. Gene Ranieri
Diagnosis of a Gummy Smile
Chicago, IL

30 November 2022

Wednesday EVENING
3 Hours (6:00 pm)

Doctors only

David Cohen
The DSO “Deal” : To Sell or Not to Sell?
Dental Attorney
Dallas, TX

13 January 2023

Friday Morning
6 hours (7:30 am)

Doctors and All Staff

Dr. Parag Kachallia
San Francisco, CA

23 February 2023

Thursday Evening
3 hours (6:00 PM)

Doctors and Hygienists

Dr Thanos Ntounis
Synergy Periodontics
Fredericksburg, VA

30 March 2023

Thursday Evening
3 hours (6:00 pm)

Doctors and Office Managers/Administrators

Brian Baliwas
Social Media and App-Based Strategies to Enhance Your Dental Practice
San Francisco, CA

19 April 2023

Wednesday Evening
3 hours (6:00 pm)

Hygienists Only

Dr. Craig Fowler
Clinical Pathology

21 – 23 April 2023

All Day Friday
and Saturday morning
(12 hours)

Doctors Only

Texas Regional Symposium
Tuition is paid for all HSSC members
Renaissance Dallas Plano Legacy West

33 hours available for Doctors and 18 hours available for Hygienists.

For questions or additional information please contact Linda at our office at Hot Springs Office Phone Number (501) 623-4485 or [email protected]